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Privacy statement EN

Privacy statement

Blue Apple BV operates the technical website www.auto-ac-reporter.com and the magazine Automotive A/C Reporter. Part of the activities are a technical database and a printed technical magazine for companies which have subscribed to these products.

The data which are collected from  the companies that have subscribed to these services strictly comprise of the following subscriber contact information: company name-contactperson- adress, telephone and e-mail information and the name of the person that subscribed to our services. The objective of collecting this information is strictly to be able to send or make available  technical and industry information  that is related to the automotive air conditioning and cooling & heating industry through the Automotive A/C Reporter website-mailfunction, the technical database, the printed magazine and subscriber invoices. 

The information that is collected by Blue Apple aka Automotive A/C Reporter will not be shared with third parties. On request the customer, respectively  subscriber, may request his/her data, held by us though mail, email, website e-mail or spoken, or can have them changed on request.

Blue Apple reserves the right to change this statement.