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The automotive a/c market is in full development in Europe, and growing and changing rapidly. It is expected to continue doing so for some years to come. If you also take into account that Europe is the biggest automotive market, business prospects, therefore, are excellent.

Also from a technical point of view the global automotive a/c industry goes through a far-reaching process of innovations and new developments. The mobile a/c unit as once conceived in the U.S.A. during the 1950's is surely something from the past. The increasing penetration of computerized motor management systems and directly injected petrol engines are only two examples of developments which will directly influence, if not already the case, the mobile a/c unit and the work which is involved in engineering, producing, servicing and repairing them. In many cases such technical developments are directly or indirectly initiated by a growing concern about the environment and the new European refrigerant legislation (banning R-134a and the change to R-1234yf and R744) which is the consequence of this.

In order to take full advantage of this rapidly changing global mobile a/c industry, it is of great value to receive accurate and relevant information and have the possibility to meet with potential customers, suppliers or other members of our industry on an international level. 

The next EAAC is scheduled to take place  on September 15 2018 ( Automechanika week) , in Frankfurt, Germany ( Sheraton Airport Hotel).